A Sorcerer is a member of the Weir who are masters of material magic.  They can create potions, poisons, amulets, magical tools, talismans and other magical items.  Although they have control over powerful magic they are still weaker then the Wizard guild because they do not have the ability to shape their magic with words. Sorcerers are often associated with the color green.

Sorcerers are powerful, though they are less powerful then they once were. Over time their abilities to create many powerful objects have been lost as the knowledge died away. They forged the Seven Great Blades, though four of them are lost, and powerful amulets such as the dyrne sefa.

Known SorcerersEdit

  • Mercedes Foster
  • Gabriel Mandrake
  • Tyler Boykin
  • Emma Greenwood
  • Lilith Greaves
  • Genevieve LeClerc
  • Natalie Diaz