The Seven Great Blades are legendary swords crafted by sorcerer Althis Mac at Dragon's Ghyll, and wielded by Warriors, and are infused with great magical properties. They are very selective of who wields them and they will injure anyone who isn't their chosen wielder. Currently, the only four Great Blades in use are the Shadowslayer, first wielded by Susannah Downey and then Jackson Swift and uses fire, and Waymaker, initially sealed in The Hoard in Dragon's Ghyll, found by Jason Haley and is now in possession of Ellen Stephenson the other warrior in trinity. Fragarach, the third blade in use, is wielded by enchanter Jonah Kinlock. Finally, the last mentioned Great Blade is Bloodfetcher, used by shadehunter Alison Shaw. According to Cinda Williams Chima's Terminology on her website, the other three Great Blades are SilvertoothBiter, and Grimadyr.