Nicodemus Snowbeard






Exact age unknown; Estimated to be 600 - 1000




Silver Bear; Trinity

Nicodemus "Nick" Snowbeard is a Wizard and was the first wizard who tricked the dragon Lady Aidan Ladhra into giving him and his cousins treasures and magic. He is over 600 years old and is the creator of the Original Covenant as well as the Silver Bear house. He first appears in The Warrior Heir as the caretaker of Jackson Swift's home. He also appears in The Wizard Heir and finally The Dragon Heir. He is a teacher and mentor to Jack as well as Joseph McCauley and Jason Haley. He is the ancestor of all wizards. Shortly after the war in Trinity, Ohio, he passed away. But before that he taught Madison Moss how to take out somebody's weirstone. Then he helped protect Ellen and Jack in the Game. He used to be able to influence all of the guilds to listen to him.

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