Mercedes Foster








Silver Bear, Trinity


The Warrior Heir
The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir
Enchanter Heir

Mercedes Foster is a Sorcerer and weaver living in Trinity, Ohio. Mercedes watched Jack Swift grow up and created his weirbook. When the Interguild Council was formed, Mercedes was asked to represent the Sorcerer Guild.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mercedes is a very kind older woman living on Jefferson Street near Jack. Like all residents of Trinity, Mercedes has a tendency to gossip and knows just about everything about the rest of the town's residents. When Jack is forced to compete in the Game, Mercedes shows her support of him by attending the event, despite fear of the wizards there.


  • Mercedes owns a garden filled with exotic plants, some of which are too poisonous to touch.
  • Mercedes doesn't create Wizard Flame because she doesn't believe in destroying your life for a bit of power

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